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Golf specific small group, 1-2-1 & online strength & conditioning coaching

Grant Willis

Founder of Pinpoint Golf

What do we specialise in?

Our focus is to bridge the gap between the gym & golf course. We see so many golfers who have played golf for 10+ years yet never unlocked their true potential by focusing on improving their body mechanics, flexibility & strength outside of their round! There is more to successful golf than spending hours on the course!

Our golf specific strength & conditioning packages are delivered in person &/or online via an app. Our programme is built upon turning your current weaknesses (weak, stiff, unbalanced, poor rotation, lack of power, poor stamina) into strengths. After a consultation where we dive deep into your needs as a golfer, a tailored plan will be designed and executed over a 8 week period to guarantee results.

Package options:

In Person (1-2-1 or group of up to 4 golfers)

Online (Following programme via an app from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a gym!)

Hybrid (Best of both worlds!)

Expect an improvement in the following:

Gain extra yards with every shot
Increase longevity in the sport
Move/rotate more freely, with power
Reduce & prevent injury
Bulletproof your lower back & core
Gain muscle
Improve cardiovascular fitness
Maintain energy throughout your round

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